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  • * Region’s #1 Success Coach – Life Coach
  • * Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • * NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programing)
  • * Spiritual Counseling, Past-Life Regression
  • * Featured on Action News & Radio
  • * Author ‘Maximum Confidence’
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“I offer a free 15 minute consultation, we can talk by phone, Skype or in person” - Dr. Scarpati

The biggest compliment I can give Dr. Scarpati is that I recommend my patients to him whenever I believe his services will help. He has proven to be an asset to my patients.

- Dr. Lawrence Schmitzer, Richboro, PA

“Dr. Scrapati is a powerful and loving spiritual healer, who gives straightforward and effective sessions that profoundly motivate and help people from all walks of life. You will enjoy working with him very much”

- Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. Author “Divine Guidance” and “Angel Therapy”

“I've known Dr. Scarpati for years and he is simply fabulous. I myself am also a certified hypnotherapist, yet when I needed help, I went to Dr. Scarpati. He incorporates NLP and other techniques into his sessions, and the results were amazing.”

- Fran Capo – Guinness World Record Holder – Author - Motivational Speaker

I smoked two packs a day for 51 years. I tried everything to stop...the patch, gum, and even other hypnotists in the area. I’m proud to say I’m a non-smoker after working with Dr. Scarpati. He’s the best!

- Frank Scully, Newtown, PA


My mission is to help you reach your goals and develop a healthier lifestyle through total self-empowerment. My focus is on a non-invasive, non-medical, non-chemical approach to success. Simply learning how to relax and tap into the power of your own mind will open the doors to your success and attaining your goals.


Below is a little bit about my history and what I am currently working on.

Dr. Andrew Scarpati

Dr. Andrew Scarpati is a former teacher at Pennsbury School District. In 1980, he performed as a stand-up comedian, and actor and also created Comedy Cabaret – the Philly regions largest comedy club company. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the field, Jay Leno, Kevin James, Ray Romano to name a few. In 1995, while studying acting in New York City, he enrolled in a self-hypnosis class. His interest in subconscious programming led him to the prestigious Hypnosis Institute in Manhattan, where he earned his Basic and Advanced Training. When he first discovered his talent and love for helping people use their own innate abilities to overcome a perceived problem, the experience totally changed the direction of his life. "It's a truly wonderful feeling to see my clients overcome a situation, take control and achieve their goal. Assisting and guiding someone to their goal is the most rewarding work I have ever done in my entire life. I love this profession and realize this is my calling. My goal is to help my clients maximize their potential, enhance their sense of well-being and help them realize they can achieve their goals. Through the use of self-empowerment, they see, feel and experience success. Each and everyone of us has the power within us to achieve and succeed." Dr. Scarpati is not a medical doctor or a psychiatrist. He earned his doctorate in Clinical Hypnotherapy in 1998 from the American Institute of Hypnotherapy in Irvine, CA. He is a member of the Association of Counselors and Therapists and National Guild of Hypnotists. Dr. Scarpati is an expert in subconscious programming and has training in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and music therapy. Currently, he is developing a new audio series to enhance self-improvement. He conducts seminars on the power of the mind. He is happily married with three adult children.

Personal Info

Dr. Andrew Scarpati
Seminar Location
625 North Main St.
Doylestown PA 18901

Individual Sessions
Newtown PA 18940

Seminars and Classes



Dr. Scarpati is hosting a variety of new classes & seminars (The common thread is they are all Great, Relaxing, Positive Experiences for you that can change your life) (These can also be experienced in a one on one session or you can arrange your own group)

• Self-Hypnosis & Meditation Seminar for Relaxation and Positivity •

• Success With Self-hypnosis •

• Finding Your Soul Mate, Having a Great Relationship •

• Stop Smoking •

Location : Comedy Cabaret above Poco’s Restaurant
625 North Main Street; Doylestown PA 18901

More information and to Sign-up for classes please click here

More information and to Sign-up for classes please click here


Whatever your situation or problem, we would be happy to discuss it to see how we can help.
We offer individual or group sessions.

Here is a list of some of the areas I have helped my clients.

End Fears

Build Confidence

Test Anxiety

Public Speaking


Emotional Blocks

Panic Attacks



Age Regression

End Fears

Drinking Problems

End Drugs

Stop Smoking

Nail Biting

Habit Control

Improve Golf

Stress Management

Be Positive

Increase Sales

Chronic Fatigue

Drinking problems

Weight Control

Pain Control

Sex Problems






Sports Improvement

Letting go of the past

Sports Improvement

Stage Shows

For tickets check the Comedy Cabaret website:

WOW! You’ve got to see this show to believe it. Audience participation at its best. Dr. Scarpati’s positive and upbeat approach leaves everyone feeling great. Dr. Scarpati has the most successful sell out record with The Comedy Cabaret Comedy Club Chain with over forty consecutive sell-outs!

Due to Dr. Scarpati’s private and corporate bookings (has performed for Nextel, Toll Brothers, Johnson & Johnson and Amquip Corp.), he still makes time for Comedy Cabaret appearances in Bucks County. For show dates and Tickets check the Comedy Cabaret website. http://www.comedycabaret.com/cms/

To book Dr. Scarpati’s stage show, contact Comedy Cabaret office 215-322-6642.

Dear Dr. Scarpati:

I want to thank you for your outstanding show. With a perfect blend of intense comic relief, subtle inspiration, and overtones that promoted personal improvement … your unique performance was unlike anything we’ve been able to offer our attendees in the past. From your management staff (Carole in particular) to your stage performance, everything went leaps and bounds beyond our expectations, and a standing ovation too! Plus your opening act comedian, John Crenny, was fantastic. Once again, thank you for sharing your gift with us. I would be honored to recommend your services to anyone looking for premier entertainment.

Joshua A. Orendi
Chapter Leadership Consultant
Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity
Indianpolis, IN

Dear Dr. Scarpati:

Thank you for presenting your Hilarious Comedy Hypnosis Show at our recent awards ceremony here in Philadelphia. Your performance added much excitement, terrific audience participation, and lots of laughter. It was perfect. Thank you so much.

Robin Morganstein

Dear Dr. Scarpati:

WOW!!! What a fantastic show! Thank your for making our function the hit of the year. No question, this was the most hilarious and amazing night I have ever seen. I especially admired your positive approach with the volunteers and overall performance. We loved your show so much you have already been re-booked! On behalf of the Lambertville Rescue Squad, Thank You. We look forward to working with you again.

Jennifer Townes
Lambertville, NJ

Dear Dr. Scarpati:

From all of us at Beth El Synagogue, thank you for presenting your sensational Comedy Hypnosis Show. It was definitely the highlight of the year. I would highly recommend you to anyone seeking top-quality entertainment, done in dignity and good taste. Thank you again for sharing your talent with us.

Art Cohen
Beth El Synagogue
Cherry Hill, NJ

Dear Dr. Scarpati:

We were delighted with your fabulous Comedy Hypnosis Show. The audiience had a great time as did the participants. The show provoked much interest and discussion for the next few days, plus we were able to raise a nice donation for the American Cancer Society. Thanks for a job well done. We look forward to working with you next year.

Robert Banks & Michelle Mazolli
Co-sponsors Class of 2002
Abington High School

Dear Dr. Scarpati:

The Board of Directors of DPL Federal Credit Union would like to thank you for performing at our 39th Annual business meeting at Three Little Bakers Theater. Comments from many of the nearly 900 members in attendance said the show was hilarious and very entertaining. As you were performing, one had only to look at the audience to appreciate your comedy. As many mentioned to me afterwards, it was done in good taste. We look forward to you performing for us again. Thank You for a great show!

Robert Oakes, President
DPL Federal Credit Union

Dear Dr. Scarpati:

The best night of comedy you can possibly imagine, Dr. Scarpati’s Comedy Hypnosis Show. No one would even leave the room because they were afraid they would miss something. It was the most memorable night our group has ever had. The laughs were continuous. We plan on having Dr. Scarpati perform for our group again.

Reggie Wilkenson
The Philadelphia Quartett Club

Success Programs

Sorry, Maximum Confidence CD’s are sold out.
We are working on a new page to allow you to simply download the program.

Other new program titles coming.

Better Sleep

Inner Peace

Confidence in public

Confidence with the opposite sex

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What is Hypnosis

CLICK HERE to see an interesting 90 second video of the Dr. Scarpati in a actual Hypnosis Session with Bucks Currier Times & Intel Reporter Andy Vineberg (Story appeared in both the Intel & Bucks Currier)

See how you can benefit by watching Dr. Scarpati's brief, and easy to understand videos about Hypnosis


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Seminar Location
625 North Main St.
Doylestown PA 18901

Individual Sessions
Newtown PA 18940